Festive Wreaths for Autumn

October 4, 2021 3:12 pm

Florist making beautiful autumn wreath, top viewAutumn is here! Give your front door some flair with a festive fall wreath. With a little work and a trip to your local craft store, you can use the following ideas to create something unique:

Dyed Husk Wreath – Using white vinegar and fabric dye, you can turn dried corn husks into a work of art! Just hot-glue the husks onto a foam wreath form, and you can create a work of art! Read this tutorial to learn more.

Candy Corn Wreath – Looking for something simple and festive? Using a foam wreath form, hot-glue individual candy corns around the wreath in tight rows until it is completely covered. Learn more here.

Harvest Wheat Wreath – Attaching dried wheat bunches to a straw wreath form can create a beautiful and neutral wreath for your front door. Read the full tutorial here.

Acorn Wreath – For another great neutral wreath option, glue large acorns onto a wreath form and attach a burlap or colored bow. Read more here.

Fall Lotus Wreath – Using dried lotus pods and the dried fall foliage filler of your choice, hot-glue the items to a wreath form to create a perfect, neutral home accent for autumn. Learn more here.

For other festive autumn wreath ideas, click here.

This is the perfect time of year to add some festive décor to your home! If you are interested in buying a new home or refinancing, please call me — we can talk through some of your mortgage options!